Helping Parents to Help Their Children

Prevention and Healing of Trauma in Children Affected by War in Syria

What we are trying to accomplish

  • Translation of the book Trauma-Proofing Your Kids by P. Levine/M. Kline, providing the parents of traumatized children with instructions on how to help their children simultaneously with/ independently of hard-to-reach specialized help
  • Target language: Arabic
  • Development of a 30-page condensed and simplified version for the parents who do not have the capacity to read the 271 pages of the book
  • Development of comics-like presentation of the principles of healing trauma for easy understanding
  • To be distributed in refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon (the camps where people spend long-time periods and are settled for work of this kind) The 30-page handbook and comics will be distributed also in refugee camps in Greece and Serbia

The current situation of Syrian children:

Based on a report on mental health of Syrian children, conducted by Save the Children Organization released in 2017,  it has been found that 84% of adults and almost all children found ongoing bombing and shelling as the number one cause of psychological stress, 89% said that children´s behaviour has become more fearful and nervous, 80% said that children and adolescents have become more aggressive, 71% children suffer from frequent bedwetting and involuntary urination (both common symptoms of toxic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder, 2/3 children have lost a loved one/had their house bombed or shelled/suffered war-related injuries, 51% said adolescents are turning to drugs to cope with the stress, 48% of adults have seen  children who have lost the ability to speak or developed speech impediments, 49% said that children regularly or always have the feelings of grief or extreme sadness and 78% have these feelings at least some of the time.

The book focuses on the following topics: first aid for trauma prevention – a step-by-step guide (8 steps), developing a calming presence on the part of the parents so that they are able to provide appropriate support, restoration of psychic resilience in children through games (examples of therapeutic children’s games and art activities, rhymes and pictures evoking and strengthening inner resources,  creation of individual healing stories, release/discharge of the energy of trauma, procedures of processing grief, assistance in catastrophic and mass disasters, guidelines for specific situations (death, divorce, sexual abuse, bullying, shootings), principles of processing crisis in groups,  activation of groups and communities.

Syrian child, photo by Alessio Romenzi

Estimated Costs/ Expenses:

  1. Translation of the book Trauma-Proofing Your Kids into Arabic
    271 pages/250 CZK/standardized page (1 800 characters, including spaces) - 67 750 CZK
  2. Proof-reading
    271 pages/100 CZK/standardized page - 27 100 CZK
  3. Printing 1000 copies of the book Trauma-Proofing Your Kids
    Intended for the purposes of the staff of the refugee camps and the parents - 110 000 CZK
  4. Graphic layout
    271 pages/50 CZK – 13 550 CZK
  5. Creation of a 30-page condensed and simplified version
    Cca 30 hours work (300CZK/hour) – 9 000CZK
  6. Translation of the condensed and simplified version
    30 pages/250 CZK – 7 500 CZK
  7. Proof-reading of the condensed and simplified version
    30 pages/100 CZK- 3 000 CZK
  8. Printing 10 000 copies of the handbook (i.e. the condensed and simplified version) - intended for the purposes of parents - 70 000 CZK
  9. Graphic layout
    30 pages/50 CZK – 1 500 CZK

Total Amount: 309 400,-  = $14 084,-*  or  11 850,-*  

(*)_Apporoximate based on the current change rate

As a next step, we are planning to mediate the relevant trainings for the participating organizations staff in the refugee camps.

At present, the initial phases of our project are funded by Lush Česká republika, SVORTO Company, and Mr. Adamek.

We are open for cooperation with interested NGOs working with refugee families within the EU

Thank you dearly for your contribution! It will enable us to help most vulnerable children through the support of their closest ones! Finally, please, do let us know, either in the donation agreement or in the note box with our transparent bank account,  if your donation is to be used solely for the purposes of translating-printing-distribution or also for our capacity building, thus making our work sustainable.


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Prevence a léčení traumatu u dětí postižených válkou – Sýrie

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Prevention and Healing of Trauma in Children Affected by War – Syria

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