We are a small non-profit organization, which has been compiling tools for the treatment of trauma in refugee children for non-specialists for the last 5 years.  

There are currently many refugee families, yet the psychosocial response is inadequate for their needs.

Our main project is titled Trauma-Proofing Syrian Children: A program for parents, teachers, social workers and caregivers and is co-funded by the Erasmus Program of the European Commission. All refugee parents face difficult changes in emotions and behavior of their children. 

Traumatic events cause traumatic stress and other natural reactions to threats. This stress can be alleviated or even released completely and we would therefore like to provide those closest to the children with professional, yet simple and comprehensible information about what they can do to help resolve trauma in their children (and themselves, too). The sooner, the better. In relation to the crisis in the Ukraine, our program is now being translated and adapted for the ukrainian environment.

People in Češi pro Sýrii, z.s.




Founder of the association, director of the TPSC project, a mother, Special Needs teacher, therapist, translator and UNHCR lecturer in the ‘Hello Czech Republic’ Refugee Program. She has completed 3 years of training in integrative mindfulness therapy and an additional 3 years of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Training.



Co-founder of the organization, Syrian architect, writer, human rights and political activist, previous member and co-founder of the Syrian Nonviolence Movement, member of the Syrian Journalist Association, public speaker.


Cooperating experts

Lilian Troost

Psychologist, expert in psycho-social consulting, systemic family work, traumatized children, borderline personality problems and post-traumatic stress disorder, the main lecturer in the TPSC Program

Maggie Kline

MS, MF, teacher, school psychologist, family and child therapist. Her specialisation is in child trauma, including work with those affected by trauma following the devastating tsunami in Thailand in 2004. Partner of the TSPC project.

Mgr. Mahrukh Marri

Coordinator, MA in Business Administration in Pakistan (Cooperation 2017-2019)

Michaela Horáková

NGO financial management and project management in the field of Humanitarian and Development Cooperation Aid. (cooperation 2019-2022)

Zlata Koštejnová

MS, MF, a teacher, school psychologist and family and child therapist. Shespecializes in trauma in children, e.g. processing child trauma in Thailand, after the devastating tsunami in 2004, Associate partner of the TPSC Program

Mouta Barakat

Ph.D., Associate Professor, psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer in psychotherapy (Oman, UAE, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Poland)

Lidia Barakat

Clinical and family psychologist, a lecturer at the Nicolas Copernicus University in Thorn (Poland). She has over 25 years of training and education as well as psychological and therapeutic practice with people in need of support and psychological assistance; trainer and co-trainer in international and national projects of prevention, education and assistance, academic teacher and NGO supervisor. From 2002 to 2012 she worked in Syria, mostly with victims of the war in Iraq.

Partnering organizations

Hope Revival

Hope Revival Organization (HRO) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization specializing in mental health, psychosocial support and protection. Itinvests its resources in improving the psychological and social situation of war-affected Syrians,protecting them in accordance with international standards of protection. HRO also focuses on supporting internally displaced persons.


The Emic Foundation was established in 2011 in Toruń. Its aim is to present the achievements of visual anthropology to audiences of involved cinema, presenting productions that touch upon the threads of multiculturalism, customs, intercultural dialogue and the traditions of selected social groups.  



Hayat is a non-profit association which was founded in 2017 in Italy with the aim of creating links between Europe, Italy and the main areas of global migration and carrying out activities to promote solidarity, the protection of civil and social rights and intercultural exchange. Hayat’s main project is Amal Al Hayat, a community centre which they opened together with the organisations Amal for Education and AIYD in Turkish Gaziantep. In Italy, Hayat continuously carries out intercultural projects for schools and citizenship education as well as support projects for the most vulnerable asylum seekers.