Candle for Syria

“Candle for Syria” is the name of two awareness campaign events for the Czech public, the first of which we organized in cooperation with the Integration Center Inbáze, zs. Apart from making and lighting candles, the event included the screening of the documentary “Voices Come From A Far Away”, which presents both the Czech and Arab cultures and the possibilities of their mutual enrichment through the eyes of three important representatives of the Czech cultural scene of Arab origin.

The second candle making workshop was held in Pacov with Dominic Miller’s charity concert, the proceeds of which were intended for the purchase of musical instruments for children in northern Syria, where they will be transported by People in Need Organization. The candles were made with love from beeswax and were intended as a gift to donors of our project of alleviating trauma in Syrian children.

Collection of Small Toys

The Collection of Small Toys Project took place in cooperation with the organization Czechs Help. In Prague, we announced a collection of small figures and various toy-creatures for children living in refugee camps in Serbia. These children have seen and experienced things that even adults have difficulty coping with. With different figures, they can play the stories they need to play and release some of the traumatic energy.

At the same time, their parents or caregivers can see what stories children keep repeating and thus what stories need listening to and talking about. The collection was successful and was transported to two refugee camps in Serbia, along with other sports and hygiene needs.

Support Group for Arab Women with Children

The group was held in Czech, Arabic and English and its goal was to combine hand work with open communication. 

The meetings took place once a week in the premises of the Inbáze Community Center and their purpose was to providesupport, sharing and listening, free writing and other therapeutic methods.

Teaching practical artistic skills such as embroidery, seasonal decoration, knitting, jewelry making and more.

Parallel creative program for children.

Requests to the government for humanitarian aid in the camps in acute crises.
Two declined requests for humanitarian aid for the flooded camps in northern Syria.